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2014 • He built, the†FOTO MUSEO 4 Caminos, an important contribution to the world of photography, with education at the center of itís goals.
2007 • Founding member and president of the Pedro Meyer's Foundation.
2004-2008 • Coordinates Heresies, project that includes the digitalization of Pedro Meyer's photographical archive, the creation of galleries to be consulted in pedromeyer.com and exhibitions in museums around the world.
2002 • Participates in A Day in a Life of Africa, book, DVD and exhibition.
1996 • 24 Hours in the Cyberspace, photographs for Mojave Desert Project, CA, USA.
1991 • Spends 2 months photographing the Mixteca region of Oaxaca for National Geographic.
1990 • Focuses on learning the uses and repercussions of Digital Art and Photography and founds a studio in Los Angeles, CA, USA.
1989 • Coordinates and develop the exhibition Mexico Through Foreign Eyes, inviting Fred Ritchin and Carole Naggar as curators.

• Travels 1,500 miles through the USA for the Guggenheim project.
1985 • Creates and organizes the series Rio de Luz, collection of Latin American photography books by Fondo de Cultura Económica, Mexico.
1984 • Member of the Organization Committee of the Third Latin American Colloquium of Photography in Havana, Cuba.

• President of the Organization Committee of the Second Latin American Photography Colloquium.

• Re-elected president of Mexican Council of Photography and opens Casa de la Fotografía, which became the center of photographic activities in Mexico City.

1977-1978 • Founding Member and President of Mexican Council of Photography, Mexico City. President of the Organization Committee of the First Latin American Colloquium of Photography.
1978-1979 • Travels extensively through Nicaragua, photographing and interviewing people including the former dictator, Anastasio Somoza. He is the first to take pictures of the Sandinistas in their training camps.
1968 • Photographs the streets of Mexico City documenting the events that lead to the Tlatelolco massacre.
1963-1967 • Founder of Grupo Arte Fotográfico, Mexico City. This group organized discussions about photography and individual exhibitions in Mexico.


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