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2003 • Tenth Anniversary of ZoneZero. Colloquium 10 years from analog to digital: ZoneZero. (September)
Teatro de las Artes, Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mexico City.

• Exhibition Labyrinth of Light. ZoneZero. Colloquium Image and Education. (September) Galería Central Centro Nacional de las Artes. Mexico City.
2001 • ZoneZero gets 4 million hits each month
1998 • The Global Information Infraestructure (GII) Awards calls ZoneZero one of the top 6 Arts and Entretainment sites in the USA.
1997 • ZoneZero wins the following awards:
"CNET Best of the Web"
NET Magazine – awards ZoneZero, as one of the top all time 100 sites and one of the top 5 art web sites.
Luckman Interactive gives ZoneZero a “Luckman Five-Star winner.”
NET Guide- gives 5 stars to ZoneZero and put it in its Platinum category.
1993 • Founded the web site ZoneZero. 


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