Herejias - Pedro Meyer

Dear friends:

Do you still remember me? I ask because the pace of the world nowadays makes the one week-old news seem much older. We are flooded with new events everyday. Does anybody remember the Olympics?

In case your memories were lost during my absence, I'd like to introduce myself once more. My name is Pedro Meyer and I used to write the editorial of ZoneZero since day one. Up until a year ago, when I took a leave of absence, a sabbatical if you will, to devote myself to the HERESIES project. (More about this later)

Herejias, Pedro Meyer


I had fantasized the sabbatical as a time of leisure, lying on a hammock under a palm tree, lulled by the sea, smelling of coconut oil sunscreen, plus an assortment of other earthly delights... A time to ponder about the future. Only the latter would come into being.

Before I continue, I'd like to thank to all my friends and colleagues that so brilliantly contributed with their exciting and stimulating editorials, so my absence would go unnoticed. But I really missed writing for you, my dearest readers, so I am back on the saddle.

For the first time in the almost 15 years of ZoneZero, the only subject we shall deal with this time, is my own personal work, featured in this great project that is HERESIES, which has been in the making for the last 5 years. It is a most complex project that deals with many themes; it would be impossible to sum up everything that the project is about in a single catch phrase made up by an advertising agency to pitch a sale.

Therefore, instead of delivering a single and overwhelming explanatory text, that at the end of the day no one would care to read, I've chosen to give it to you in weekly installments, starting this week.

This cycle of guest editorialists comes to an end with the text by Dr. Benjamin Mayer Foulkes about my work. This will start off the series I mentioned earlier.

I'd like to thank you all for your patience, and I hope you will continue to join me in the endless adventure of life and photography, always looking ahead.

Best regards,

Pedro Meyer

Saturn The Devourer
2004/2006 © Pedro Meyer

Romeo y Julieta
1979 © Pedro Meyer

The Temptation of the Angel
1991/1991 © Pedro Meyer