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Educational Program

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All of the elements of the Educational Program are merely references and guidelines we are proposing for the museums to consider within their own activities.
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Heresies as a project

Any members of the public interested in knowing more about the Heresies Project, its features, and the process of its creation.

Subject matter:
The characteristics of Heresies set it apart from other photo projects that came before it.
Throughout his career, Pedro Meyer has been a photographer who has thrived on experimenting and offering innovative ways of understanding and executing photography.

In this case, he has ventured to put together a database containing his entire photographic holdings, representing more than 40 years of work, more than 300,000 images, that will serve as a source for cultural, historical and anthropological research; it is a potential tool for anyone who can use it in his or her respective field of enquiry.

Taking advantage of the database, Pedro Meyer invited twenty curators of different nationalities to join him in editing the diverse subject matter that he has photographed throughout his career, to present the public with curated selections that help viewers understand and become familiar with his photographic work.

Pedro Meyer has been a photographer who has worked constantly for more than four decades, but only a small number of his images are known, despite his prolific years of creation. The aim of this project is to construct an immense retrospective involving the publication of his images, as well as more than 60 museums around the world that have joined in this global retrospective. In addition to the curated selections, these visuals can be consulted online and in a book.

On the other hand, Heresies offers workshops, roundtables and lectures, to be able to articulate and better understand the ideas that have characterized Pedro Meyer, not only in his photographic work, but also as a major figure in the dissemination and technological promotion of the medium, processes necessary to understand photography today.

It is important to analyze the Heresies project, because it enables us to touch on important subjects related to photography, technology, and art today.

About an hour.

Speaker Profile:
The speaker must have knowledge of photography, the history of photographic images, and needs to do direct research with the creators of Heresies to understand the project and be able to explain it fully.

A video projector and computer, depending on the speaker’s needs.

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