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All of the elements of the Educational Program are merely references and guidelines we are proposing for the museums to consider within their own activities.
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Zonezero.com and its importance in the field of photography

To all types of audiences interested in getting to know more about zonezero.com, understanding its content, the way it works, its contributions, and its worth in the field of photography.

Subject matter:
In 1993 zonezero.com was founded to create an Internet forum to disseminate photography free-of-charge. Aimed at both photographers and any members of the public interested in the subject, it has become a site to see, learn about, and discuss photography, for it offers everyone the possibility of a space for self expression.

This website is an online museum that gives photographers the opportunity to exhibit their work without having to depend on a physical place to display their photos and without having to conform to restrictive schedules. It also allows them to show their work to many more people than those who could have visited a museum or gallery.

The website has several sections: Editorials, Galleries, Magazine, Portfolios, Electronic Books, and Forums, among others. The function of all of these sections is to show, disseminate, and reflect on the photographic image and its evolution from analog to digital.

The Editorials are short essays by Pedro Meyer and in this last year by other photographers and researchers, who speak of the technological changes that photography is undergoing. Its objective is to be a forum to discuss topics fundamental for photographic images, such as the importance of this switch from analog to digital, advances in cameras, software and hardware, and anecdotes to help people stay up-to-date.

One of the main sections of zonezero.com is Galleries. It serves as an online museum. Professional photographers from all over the world propose projects and if they come up with an interesting proposal and quality work, a Gallery is designed for them. Each one is independent and its aesthetic is born as a function of each project. Photographers turn in their images with a brief text that helps to contextualize them; they are also encouraged to contribute audio and video so the public can better appreciate and understand the work.

In a world in which the artist is a mythical figure with whom the public cannot interact, at ZoneZero the viewer can better relate to the work and its creator. This section stimulates the public to establish a dialogue with the photographers, so each one includes their e-mail address for feedback and to clarify doubts.

The Magazine section is where diverse individuals publish articles, book reviews, texts in homage to photographers who have passed away, and contributions on any topic relevant to technological advances.

Zonezero.com has made it possible to offer a space to anyone who engages in photography. In the Portfolios section, anyone who wishes to show a group of five photos may do so, without the need to submit work to a jury that might reject it for not fulfilling certain expectations. This section is a forum that makes it possible to see all types of interesting images.

In addition to giving many photographers an opportunity to spread awareness of their work, which otherwise would not have been possible, ZoneZero is an educational tool. Several universities use it at class as research material.

One of the advantages of the Internet is that it allows a group of fewer than seven people to prepare one of the most important photography websites in the world, from a small corner of one city. This website is a project devised by Pedro Meyer, who from his studio in Coyoacan in Mexico City works with a group of young designers pooling their creativity to make it possible.

About an hour.

Speaker Profile:
Someone who has broad knowledge of photography and who can conduct meticulous research with the help of the zonezero.com team to be able to clearly explain and analyze its function and contributions to the world of photography.

A video projector and computer, depending on the speaker’s needs.

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