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Educational Program
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All of the elements of the Educational Program are merely references and guidelines we are proposing for the museums to consider within their own activities.

It has always been important to Pedro Meyer that there are forums to reflect and to learn about important cultural phenomena such as photography, that there are discussions regarding the medium and its technological advances and that there is an exchange of ideas that helps to understand and to make a better use of photography in our current world.

Mariana Gruener, Mexican photographer and teacher, has prepared an educational program that we are proposing as a starting point for all the participant institutions in the Heresies exhibition.

From this perspective and taking advantage of the presence of this exhibition with the works of Pedro Meyer, everyone will be able to take these proposals as a basis of their own educational activities, taking into account the peculiarities of their audience and the community they serve.

The Educational Program, proposes 30 subjects, divided into Discussion Tables, Conferences and Workshops.


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