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Educational Program

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All of the elements of the Educational Program are merely references and guidelines we are proposing for the museums to consider within their own activities.
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How to organize an exhibition: Curatorship course

Designed for:
1. General public (adults). A background in art or photography is not necessary.
2. Teenagers from 11 to 17 (all together or grouped by age).
3. Children from 6 to 10.
4. Photographers and curators.

Those attending this workshop will learn how an exhibition is organized, how to choose the subject, the images, the size and the space where each photograph will be placed.

A theoretical and practical workshop will be developed based on Pedro Meyer’s Heresies project.

Theoretical section:
Explanation of how the selection of images for the Heresies exhibition was made:
1. Analysis of the importance of the availability of all the material and seeing how Pedro Meyer’s images were placed online.
2. Analysis of the selection process by different curators and how each section was given a meaning so the images could be seen together and make sense.
3. Decision process underlying the size, type of paper and printing of the photos.
4. Explanation of a curator’s work, for any kind of exhibition.
5. Explanation of the process of designing a display. What does an exhibition designer do?

Practical section:
All students will be able to choose the images that most appeal to them from the selection made by the 20 curators, or from the more than 1,000 images than were offered to the museums. They may decide how many and which photos they want for their exhibition and why they selected them, the size of the prints and where they would place them.
In the case of photographers, later they will do an exercise with their own photos.
At the end, all students will present the exhibition they curated and will receive feedback from their peers and the teacher.

1. Adults: three sessions of three hours each.
2. Teenagers: between two and three sessions of three hours each.
3. Children: two sessions of three hours each.
4. Photographers: four sessions of three hours each.

Instructor's Profile:
Curator, exhibition designer, photographer, or museum director.

1. One or more computers with Internet access, if the museum has this equipment.
2. Small size prints of the images from Heresies.
3. Cards, color pencils, glue stick, or tape so students can draw a sketch of their museums and make their proposals and final presentations.

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