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Educational Program

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All of the elements of the Educational Program are merely references and guidelines we are proposing for the museums to consider within their own activities.
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Keeping active photographic archive

Designed for:
Photographers who wish to learn how to create an archive of their images and to make them available to the public.

The participants will learn to classify and to order their images. They will also become familiar with a database. What is the use of taking photos if others cannot see them? Why take photographs if they are always going to be tucked away in a drawer? With an online database, our work can have a more functional meaning.

Theoretical section:
Thanks to digital technology, the production of images has increased. A photographer produces thousands of images each year, so personal and institutional archives are growing very quickly. What should be done with so many photographs?
If these are not classified and ordered and put into a functional database, they instantly fail their mission, which is to communicate.
It is necessary to learn how to order them logically, to digitalize them, and to put them online as Pedro Meyer has done, so others can consult them and use them. It is suggested to ask for access to the Database at www.pedromeyer.com to see how it works.

Practical section:
Everyone will propose how to prepare and organize their material, and will think about ideas to generate a database. The ideas will be discussed in class.
Each person will begin to make their database with feedback from the group.

Note: For this workshop it is important for the instructor to ask pedromeyer.com for information to better understand the database.

Three sessions of three hours each.

Instructor's Profile:
A person who works with photographic archives and knows the systems to make a database.

Video projector and computer with access to Internet, if possible.
Paper, pencils.

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