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Educational Program

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All of the elements of the Educational Program are merely references and guidelines we are proposing for the museums to consider within their own activities.
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Image editing workshop

Designed for:
1. Photographers, publishers, curators, and exhibition designers.
2. Amateur photographers or anyone in the general public who wishes to learn more about the subject.

Participants will learn to edit their own images and those of others. Each participant will edit a project.

Analysis of the following points:

1. Most people think that the photographer’s work is easy because it only consists of taking photographs. This is not so. Besides taking photos, the photographer must edit them and decide how they will be shown to the public; sometimes he/she makes those and other decisions, or he/she receives help from a curator or publisher.
2. An image can change in meaning depending on the photo next to it, or on the size and the place where it is. Editing work is fundamental to transmit the photographer’s ideas.
3. In the Heresies project, which is a huge retrospective, 20 curators participated selecting the images featured in the galleries at pedromeyer.com. Along with the photographer, they selected the featured pictures to be able to fully understand them in the context that Pedro Meyer wished to transmit. Approximately 300 thousand images have been classified in different subjects and each curator ordered and selected them in pursuit of an idea
4. In the galleries of zonezero.com, edited works by many creators can already be seen. These projects are composed of many more photographs than the ones seen in the presentation. The photos were selected with an intention, an order was given to them. and they were complemented with audio and text (statement) so that the public could have a clear idea of what the photographer wanted to express.
5. In this workshop participants will learn to choose images, to organize them, and to enhance them with extra audio and text materials if necessary, for a later presentation.

1. For professionals: four sessions of three hours each.
2. For the public in general: three sessions of three hours each.

Instructor's Profile:

Prints of the images to be edited.
Paper sheets and cards.
Felt pens, rulers, gluesticks, pencils.
A computer with access to the Internet.

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