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Educational Program

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All of the elements of the Educational Program are merely references and guidelines we are proposing for the museums to consider within their own activities.
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Integration of audio and text to photo projects

Designed for:
1. Photographers: anyone with a background in photography, both amateurs and professionals.
2. General public (adults). A background in art or photography is not necessary.
2. Children from 6 to 10.
3. Teenagers from 11 to 17 (all together or grouped by age).

The workshop deals with the specific needs of ideas that integrate images, words and sounds, while it teaches students to assemble projects with these features.

Theoretical section:
Many photographers nowadays use texts and audio to complement their images because they are tools enabling them to transmit their ideas more effectively. Words and sounds allow the spectator to better understand the image’s meaning, since a photo can be interpreted in various ways, depending on the context.

Technological advances allow us to easily work with high quality audio and video and almost every computer now comes with user-friendly software. The Internet also has been simplified and it helps spread ideas without having to depend on a specific space and time. If a photographer takes a photo, it’s because he is interested in recording that event to share what he saw and thought with others; contextualizing the images can enhance the work.

This workshop focuses on teaching students how to combine these three media and to use them in the most effective way to share their ideas. For example, in zonezero.com we can see that many exhibitions integrate these three languages:
Pedro Meyer “I photograph to remember”
Joseph Rodríguez “The New Americans”
Pablo San Juan “Monsoon”
Joaquín Santamaría “Silver Sun”
Pedro Stephan “Brazilian Homosexual Culture”
Inés Ulanovsky “Photos of You”
Vida Yovanovich “Prison of dreams”

Practical section:
1. Taking photos of a specific subject, which must be readily accessible and simple to photograph.
2. Choosing and ordering the photos that will be used, according to a logical narrative.
3. Writing a text that explains or supports the meaning of the project.
4. Choosing music or recording the text that will accompany the images.
5. Putting together an audio-visual presentation to be shown in a space or on the Internet.

1. Photographers: Five sessions of three hours each
2. Children: Two sessions of three hours each
3. Teenagers: Three sessions of three hours each
4. General public: Four sessions of three hours each

Instructor's Profile:
Photographer with knowledge of the tools and experience in assembling this kind of presentation.

Audio recorder, video projector, computer, slide projector, cards, paper sheets, glue, colors, printer.
All of the above or whatever the museum has.

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