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Pedro Meyer debuts as an actor
Pedro Meyer stars as an actor in the upcoming film "El Atentado" directed by Jorge Fons. Pedro appears as Porfirio Diaz' personal photographer.
Pedro Meyer Photographer
Film "El Atentado"


As part of the activities organized by Centro Pablo for the X Salon of Digital Art, Pedro Meyer hosted the exhibition "Recent Work" at the Centro Hispano-Americano de Cultura in Havana. He also gave a keynote speech titled "The Future of the Book."
Cuba1 cuba 2
cuba3 cuba4 cuba05

Shahidul Alam
Shahidul Alam, world reknown photographer and activist from Bangladesh begun the workshop program at the Pedro Meyer Foundation with his workshop on "Telling stories in the Digital Age".
Taller 1 Taller 2

Bon Stein In Mexico
Bob Stein, director for the Institute for the Future of the book, gives the historic first lecture at the Pedro Meyer Foundation.
Bob Stein1 Bob Stein 2 Bob Stein 3
Bob Stein 4 Bob Stein 5
During his visit to Mexico, Bob Stein introduced his innovative publishing project Sophie 2.0 to top executives of the Mexican Arts Council and the National Center for the Arts.

Homage to Ernesto Cardenal
As part of the Homage paid to Ernesto Cardenal by the University of Veracruz, Mexico, Pedro Meyer inaugurated an exhibition of photographs taken in Nicaragua at the camps of the Sandinista revolutionaries in the 70's. The governor of Veracruz, Fidel Herrera, the songwriter and singer Silvio Rodriguez, and Ernesto Cardenal himself were present at the opening.
Fidel Herrera and Ernesto Cardenal Pedro Meyer and Ernesto Cardenal
Exhibition Pedro Meyer and Ernesto cardenal1 Exhibition 1

Exhibition We are all Doves in the Pedro Meyer Gallery
A group of young artists, collectively known as R8, commissioned by the director and founder of the Centro Integral de Fotografía, Lilia Martínez, presented a homage to Pedro Meyer with the exhibition We are all Doves. The exhibition consisted a series of mural paintings inspired on some of Meyer's photographs. Pedro Meyer attended the opening night which was held on March 6, 2009, in the city of Puebla in Mexico.
Galería Pedro Meyer Pedro Meyer & Lilia Martínez
Lilia Martínez R8

Pedro Meyer interview
Martha Chapa and Alejandro Ordorica interviewd Pedro Meyer for the TV show "El Sabor del Saber". The interview will be aired friday April 1st at 12.00 pm on Mexican channel 34.
Pedro Meyer and Martha Chapa TV show El sabor del saber

Akron Museum of Art
As part of the Heresies project, Pedro Meyer visited The Akron Museum of Art in Ohio. During his visit, he gave a lecture as well as an interview for local network television.
Akron1   Akron2   Akron3

Heresies traveling show in Mazatlán
Pedro Meyer's Heresies began to travel throughout the state of Sinaloa, in Mexico. After showing in the Mazatlán Museum of Art, as part of the Heresies retrospective in October 2008, the show most recently opened last January 19 at the Muro de la Expresión, at La Gran Plaza, also in Mazatlán. 31 large format prints are on display until February 25, 2009.
Inauguración de Herejías Herejías 2 La Gran Puerta
Inauguración Herejías de gira por Sinaloa

Abolut Freedom
January 20 - February 20, 2009.
Drik Galleries, Chobi Mela V Festival.
Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Photographers: Antonio Turok, Eniac Martínez, Enrique Villaseñor, Fernando Montiel Klint, Francisco Mata, Gerardo Montiel Klint, José Hernández-Claire, Kenia Nárez, Nadia Baram, Patricia Aridjis, Pedro Meyer, Raúl Ortega, Yolanda Andrade.


Freedom - of course, this term means so many different things to so many different people around the world. For some, freedom is simply being able to have shelter or something to eat, not to mention being free from disease. For others, freedom means having the opportunity to be creative. For some, it means having freedom from economic burdens.
Antonio Turok Fernado Montiel Klint Enrique Villaseñor
© Anotnio Turok
© Fernando Montiel Klint
© Enrique Villaseñor
For others, freedom is sought from oppressive governments. For others, from oppressive marriages. For many, it is about the freedom to have gainful employment, and then for others it is being able to dream and fly off into distant worlds. To be free from nightmares, or to be free to pursue your sexuality. In the end, freedom means so many things to so many different people around the globe that we will never be able to come up with one single definition of what freedom stands for.

This exhibition, started out with the premise of free choice for each artist to express their understanding of freedom according to his or her own imagination. There is no Mexican point-of-view for the word freedom in this collection, other than the fact that all the photographers are from Mexico. If anything, our choices and ideas about freedom are in reality as varied as the diversity of notions expressed in the word itself.

Rather than propose a detailed explanation of what the photographer intended to show in each photograph, we thought that the best option would be to leave individual interpretations up to each individual person looking at the image. You can be sure that there is no wrong or right way to interpret these pictures. After all, who is to say that your interpretation - even if at variance with what the author intended - is not as valid as that of the author?
All that matters is that you see yourself represented in these images, with your own ideas of freedom.


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